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The sanitation in the urban areas can be summarised, View Summary:

Sanitation Financing

« Consumer with connections are presently billed on a monthly basis

« Internal funding for new developments and capital projects are virtually non-existent and the council exclusively depends in external funding.

« Upgrading and maintenance of existing facilities are hindered due to the financial constraints


Policy and practice regarding sanitation provision is outlined in the White Paper on Water Supply and Sanitation Policy.  The immediate priority is to provide sanitation services to all, which meet basic health and functional requirement including the protection of the quality of both surface and underground water.

Ventilated Improvement Pit toilets (VIP) if constructed to agreed standards and maintained properly, provides an appropriate and adequate basic level of sanitation service. Adequate basic provision is therefore defined as one well-constructed VIP toilet (in various forms, to agreed standards) per household. 

The policy of the Nala Municipality, in full support of the objectives and targets of the Government’s Reconstruction and Development Programme, is to ensure that all inhabitants of the area have access to sanitation services, and that the provision of the services are undertaken within a framework of sound environmental principles. 

The following levels of services are proposed.

Level of service Description
Rural standards No formal system
Intermediate Night soil removal, communal vacuum tanks, septic tanks system, VIP latrine
Full Full water-borne sewerage

Strong emphasis is placed of effective operation and maintenance of the system. The aim should be to have one week’s interruption per year.

Refusal Removal

The level of Refusal Removal are according to the “Red Book”, published by the Department of Housing. 

This ranges from a minimum level for services, according to which a communal skip is provided to an ultimate, door-to-door collection.

Level of service Description
Rural standards No formal system
Intermediate (Residential) Communal skip system
Full (Residential) Weekly door-to-door removal of plastic bags, 85 bins or 240 bins (or Communal skip system)
Full  (Business/Industrial) Daily removal or as required for the specific type of use

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